Third Year Anniversary!!!!!!

Third Year Anniversary!!!!!!,

Third Year Anniversary!

YES! It’s our third year anniversary. October 10th, 2014 was the launch of our little food blog, and truth be told, I never expected to make the 3 year mark. See, most food blogs, when they start, don’t even last 6 months. That is because in the first year you barely have a handful of readers, and let’s face it, it’s a lot of work for such little recognition. In 3 years we’ve built a faithful audience with 615,918  pages views (more than half a million) . I know that it is little compared to fully established blogs with 30 million views per year, but I’m still proud of what we have accomplished and our audience has almost doubled since last year.  I thought it would be fun today to present to you, our most popular recipes to date on our food blog, and I’m not surprised that the top 3 recipes are chicken wing recipes!

Our number one recipe is our super tasty and easy Lemon Pepper Chicken wings, with 20,698 views. If you haven’t tried them yet, why not find out for yourself why this is our most viewed chicken wing recipe.

lemon pepper chicken wings,

Our number two recipe is another chicken wing recipe, my Pan Fried Chicken Wings with 20,098 views. Like all my chicken wing recipes, this one is so easy and yummy.

Pan frie chicken wings,

Our number three on the list with 14,254 views is my Salt and Vinegar Chicken Wings recipe, which I must admit, I had forgotten about and will definitely remake very soon.

Salt and vinegar chicken wings,

In fourth place, we have a casserole dish, not surprising either, casseroles are so awesome! Try my Chicken Casserole, this one was viewed 9,904 times

Chicken casserole,

And number five was viewed 8,083 times, and it’s another casserole dish, one that has a special place in my heart, since it was and still is my mom’s signature dish, Steak Casserole, so simple and delicious.

Steak Casserole,

When I started this food blog, I wanted to show you that anyone can cook. Cooking does not have to be complicated, you don’t need special skills to cook, all you need is the desire to prepare delicious and tasty meals. We are so grateful to you, our readers, for your support and I hope I will continue to inspire you to cook, and take time to share your meals with your families and loved ones.

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