Super Food for Super Bowl

Super Food For Super Bowl,

Super Food For Super Bowl

Here we go again!!! The Super Bowl is here! Bring your appetite and your attitude and lets have some fun.  The Super Bowl is the perfect occasion to gather amongst family and friends and share the love of food and sports!

I love the Super Bowl menu, mainly because I can prepare my favourite kinds of food, finger foods and appetizers. Here is the list of my all time favourite appetizersfinger foods and party foods that will make your Super Bowl party the hit of the town!

You can’t have a Super Bowl party without chicken wings, right?!? Here are a few suggestions for this iconic Super Bowl super food!

Coca Cola Chicken Wings!

Coca Cola Chciken wings,

These chicken wings are so yummy! A crispy coating made with egg and corn starch, perfect to soak up the Coca Cola glaze! A must try ! (recipe here)

Thai Chilli Garlic Chicken Wings

Thai Chilli Chicken Wings,

For some spicier chicken wings, try these Thai Chilli Chicken Wings. A simple baked chicken wing recipe, with just the right amount of heat!  (recipe here)

Mexican Style Chicken Wings

Mexican Style Chicken Wings,

For something less traditional, try these Mexican inspired chicken wings. A blend of cumin, garlic and chilli powder gives these chicken wings a unique taste that will surely please your crowd. (recipe here)

Whenever I think about Super Bowl I always include a good chilli recipe, nacho recipe and meatball recipe on my menu.

Cajun Style Chilli

Cajun Style Chilli,

Try this cajun inspired chilli. A blend of ground beef, tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, celery, spices and hot sauce! Top this bowl of chilli with cheese and serve it with corn chips! The perfect party food in a bowl! ( recipe here )

Nacho Casserole

Nacho Casserole,

Nachos and Super Bowl go hand in hand! Here is a twist on this amazing party food. Nachos in the form of a casserole! Easy to prepare and really delicious!  (  Recipe here )

Slow Cooker Italian Meatballs

Slow Cooker meatballs,

For some reason meatballs always end up on my Super Bowl menu. These Italian style meatballs are cooked in the slow cooker, you can even prepare them the night before. Serve them on a plate with little skewers for easy pick up! (  Recipe here )

Of course, you can’t have a Super Bowl party without pizza! Here are 2 of my favourite unique pizza recipes to grace your table!

Spicy Chicken and Tomato Jam Pizza

Chicken tomato jam pizza,

This pizza is unique and it is bursting with flavour!  No need to make a pizza dough for this one as I have used an Italian flat bread. Tomato sauce, pieces of chicken, tomato jam and of course cheese, create an interesting combination of flavours. A must try! (  Recipe here )

Bolognese Pizza With Fresh Basil

Bolognese Pizza,

One of my all time favourite pizzas, and so easy to make. If you don’t want to make your own pizza dough, you can easily buy a pre made pizza dough or even a flat bread will do. (  Recipe here )

And here are a few classic party foods to finish off your Super Bowl menu!

Oven Baked Onion Rings

oven bake onion rings,

I know right!  You can’t have a Super Bowl party without onion rings. Try this recipe for baked onion rings. They are tasty, crispy and the best part is that your home will not smell of grease!   (  Recipe here )

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes in Potato Skins

cheesy mash potato in potato skins,

Baked potatoes and potato skins are classic party food! Your guests will love this cheesy mash in the potato skins!  (  Recipe here )

 Roasted Potato Salad

roasted potato salad,

I could not have made this list without including a few classics, and this roasted potato salad is exactly what it is. Who doesn’t like potato salad right?  (  Recipe here )

Macaroni  Salad

macaroni salad,

And of course macaroni salad is never far away from potato salad. Another classic for you table!  (  Recipe here )

Spicy Corn Fritters

Spicy corn fritters,

Corn fritters are my all time favourite finger food along side the chicken wings. I just can’t get enough of these little golden gems!  (  Recipe here )

And of course a meal would not be complete without desserts. Although I’m not a big a fan of sweets, I have a few desserts that I always crave.

Lemon Tart With Blueberry Coulis 

Lemon Tart,

One of my favourite desserts is without a doubt lemon tart, lemon anything for that matter! This lemon tart topped with a blueberry coulis is sure to impress the taste buds of your guests! (  Recipe here )

Apple Pie Cookie

Apple Cookie,

These cookies are really an apple pie, that fit right in your hand!  All the taste of apple pie in a small cookie. Fun and super tasty! (  Recipe here )

I hope you found some inspiration for your Super Bowl Menu. Feel free to browse the recipe index ( link over here)  of our blog for more inspiration! Happy Super Bowl! And remember, this is a time to gather with loved ones and have some fun!

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